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Guides and Tips Page

On this page you will get tips and guides on how to take the exams.  Each week a different subject will be placed in the spotlight.  If you don't find what your looking for here you can always drop us a line.  Your question may be featured on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

City & Guilds 17th Edition Wiring Regulations Exam in the Spotlight

17th Edition Electrical Wiring Regulations Exam Tips​

This is an On-Line exam consisting of 60 questions to be completed in just 2 hours.  That gives you 2 mins per question.

The questions follow the order of the 17th edition wiring regulations book.  The latest book is BS 7671:2008 amended to 2011 (The Green Book) This is the only book you are allowed in the exam.

The exam follows the order of the book which runs as follows:

  • Part 1 Covers Scope, Object and Fundamental Principles.  You can expect approximately 4 questions on this section.
  • Part 2 is Definitions. There are approximately 3 questions on Part 2.
  • Part 3 is Assessment of General Characteristics.  There are 4 questions on this part.
  • Part 4 Covers Protection for Safety.  There are 14 questions based on this part.
  • Part 5 Covers Selection and Erection of Equipment.  There are 15 questions on part 5.
  • Part 6 is Inspection, Testing and Certification.  This part has 6 questions based on it.
  • Part 7 is Special Locations and has 10 questions based on it.
  • That leaves the remaining questions to be spread amongst the 16 Appendices.

How to Take The Exam

If you are sure of the answer to a question, answer it and move on. 
If you think you know the answer to a question but need to check it in the book, answer it, then using the softwares' Flag Button, Flag it, and move on (you can check it later).

If you do not know the answer to a question, move straight on to the next question without doing anything.
Once you have reached question 60, go back to the start.  Now start answering the questions that you have missed completely, still ignoring the flagged questions at this stage.

​If it takes longer than 3 or 4 minuets to find the answer in the book to the question you are attempting to answer, give it your best guess, Flag it and move on to the next unanswered question.  By the time you have reached question 60 the second time round you should have answers for every question, even though some will be flagged.​

Go back to the start and start checking all the questions you have flagged by using the regs book.  If you still have questions flagged but run out of time, the questions flagged will still count.  By tackling the exam in the manner prescribed you will give yourself the best possible opportunity of passing the exam.  Good Luck!

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