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Green Deal Domestic Energy Assessor Course / GDEA Training

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The Green Deal Domestic Energy Assessor Course is aimed at those who wish to take advantage of the very real and exciting opportunities that are about to be launched under the governments Green Deal Scheme, and who do not hold the required Domestic Energy Assessor qualification to become a Domestic Green Deal Advisor.

A willingness to learn.  There are no specific requirements for candidates wishing to take this course.​

The duration of the Green Deal Domestic Energy Assessor Course is Five Days.  

Course Content:

The Green Deal Domestic Energy Assessor Training (GDEA Course) consists of both Theory and Practical Training.  The qualification gained from this course will be the Bpec Level 3 Certificate in Domestic Energy Assessment.


Health and Safety, Safe working practices 

Renewable energy sources, Types of renewable energy and funding availability 

Building construction, Type and age of buildings as well as construction methods

Heating and lighting, Reduction of energy wastage and carbon emissions

Soft skills, customer care, self management, building customer relations

Written Test.


The Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) is assessed  against the completion of a portfolio consisting of Energy Performance assessments requiring the completion of energy performance certificates (EPCs) for each property assessed.  The total number of EPCs required is Five.  Here at WMD Electrical Training Centre, we ensure that you complete the Five assessments before you leave us, many other centres do not.  We will arrange all five properties for you to assess meeting the very stringent criteria.

Properties for the assessments are grouped into age bands and cndidates have to complete assessments on proerties of the following ages:

Pre 1949, 1950 - 1981, 1982 - 1995, 1996 - 2002 and Post 2002.

As well as assessing the age bands candidates must also assess different types of property:

Terraced, Semi-detached, Deteached, Flat and Maisonette.

You will be required to assess against the following issues:

Extensions, Alternative wall types, Room in roof, Solid wall construction, Conservatory and Converted former Non-domestic.

The green deal domestic energy assessor training with West Midlands Developments will ensure you have all the correct qualifications for the GDEA role that you are working toward.


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