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2391 - 50, 2391 - 51, 2391-52 Inspection & Test Course

City and Guilds 2391 Inspection and Test Course

city and guilds 2391 training in birmingham

The 2391 Inspection and Test is for experienced electricians who wish to further develop their career and enhance their qualifications. 


You will need to be aged 18 years or older and have a good knowledge of electrical installations and in particular Inspection and testing procedures. It is recommended that you hold the 18th Edition wiring regulations qualification along with either Full Scope Part or equivalent qualification.

The 2391 Inspection and Test Course is a five day course.  Having said this, the preparation for the course begins well before the five days in the training centre.  You will be sent a full set of course notes as soon as you have booked on the course and paid your deposit.  You are then encouraged to carry out the Pre-Course study at your own pace before you arrive on site for the actual course.




West Midlands Developments Electrical Training Centre has one of the best Pass Rates in the country for this qualification.

The National Pass rate has been as low as 35% in recent years.  No wonder experienced electricians struggle with this qualification.
Due to the unique way in which our course is presented, which includes an additional full day of training on the day of the exam, a separate foundation course for those who feel they need it and a generous time period between the two main parts of the course, our candidates enjoy an unprecedented 80% +  pass rate.

The 2391 qualification is the standard set by the industry for its qualifying supervisors.  This qualification not only allows you to inspect, test and certify your own work but also that of those under your supervision.  It is also the qualification required for the carrying out of Electrical Installation Condition Reports (Periodic Inspections), as required by landlords certificates etc.

The areas covered by the course include:

• Preparation for initial inspection and testing
• Electrical Inspection & Testing
• The use of multi function testing meters (Candidates may bring their own if they wish)
• Safe isolation procedures and equipment
• Inspection & testing documentation
• Continuity of Protective Conductors
• Continuity of Ring final circuit conductors
• Insulation Resistance
• Protection by SELV
• Polarity
• Earth Electrode resistance
• Earth fault loop impedance
• RCD testing
• Prospective fault current
• Verification of volt drop

2391 training in birmingham

This qualification now replaces the City and Guilds 2394 Initial Verification and the 2395 Periodic Inspection and Test. Only candidates requiring re-sits will now be accepted on the 2349 and 2395 qualifications

Next Course Date:


28th May 2024

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